We offer a range of surveys including protected species surveys and habitat surveys.

It is important that you give consideration to your ecological survey requirements early in the planning stages of your development as seasonal limitations can restrict survey effort. In some cases ecological surveys may need to be spread over a period of up to 12 months or longer. Our seasonal survey planner can help you with your planning.

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Our initial consultation usually includes a desk-based site study and site assessment which will assess your site and identify the potential for rare or protected wildlife. As a result of this survey work we can advise if further, more detailed surveys will be required.

Surveys are followed up with a full and comprehensive report. This document can be submitted with your planning application. Reports provide details of the survey results, and recommendations for mitigation or site enhancement where appropriate.


Sometimes developments will have an unavoidable impact on wildlife and habitats. In such cases BlueSky Ecology can design appropriate mitigation. This may include simple measures such as installing bat boxes or more complex measures such as species translocation or the design of special bat lofts.

Our staff includes fully qualified construction personnel (CIS and CSCS Certified) who can advise on mitigation design and installation. Where required this service can also include the construction of mitigation.

We offer our clients clear and professional advice and offer guidance through the intricacies of current wildlife legislation.

Licence Applications

When a development is going to affect protected species or protected habitats a licence may be required from Natural England. These licences enable works to proceed without committing an offence.

Habitat Management

We can offer advice on habitat creation, habitat and species management plans and provide quality ecological advice.