Surveys: Dormice

dormousedormouse surveyResearch has shown that dormouse populations are in decline and they are protected under current legislation. It is important to survey for dormice if there are suitable habitats on site. Dormice like diverse habitats that contain several tree species and shrubs.

As they are a nocturnal species, dormouse surveys tend to focus on identifying field signs for dormouse presence. This can include nest searches in autumn through to dentify feeding (only applicable where hazel nuts are present). Nest tubes or boxes can also be erected in areas suspected of containing dormice. This must be conducted by a licensed dormouse worker.

Nest tubes are most frequently occupied in May and August/September. It is recommended that tubes are left out for the entire season, from March onwards and checked twice a month to determine dormouse presence or absence. If dormice are using your site you may need to apply for a European Protected Species Licence from Natural England.

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